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Down LGFA Senior Team

"We have used Ryan for the last 2 seasons now, with the analysis provided playing a key role in our All-Ireland victory in 2023.


The detailed data provided allowed us to pinpoint areas of improvement, track progress throughout the season, and make informed decisions on both individual and team performance.

The real-time feedback provided allowed us to make quick adjustments during matches, ensuring that we maintained peak performance levels throughout the game.


This flexibility and adaptability played a significant role in our success, particularly in high-pressure situations where split-second decisions can make all the difference. The ability to return post-match analysis within 24 hours significantly sped up the process, allowing for quick feedback and adjustments between games. We would highly recommend Ryan for any team looking to avail of performance analysis."


Peter Lynch & Caoibhe Sloan, Managers  - Down LGFA Senior Team

Ulster University Senior Ladies

“I couldn’t recommend Game Ready Performance Analysis highly enough. Ryan is excellent at his job and we have benefitted greatly from using his expertise to analyse our own performances and our opponents. Detailed analysis was always provided less than 24 hours after the match was played, giving management and the players the opportunity to break down all aspects of the game while it was fresh in our heads.”

Stephen Mooney , Manager - Ulster University Senior Ladies

 Ulster University Mens Freshers 

"We've worked with Game Ready Performance Analysis throughout our university season and I recommend them highly. Ryan is easy to deal with and is very flexible in his approach. The turnaround time is impressive as we receive what we need the morning after a game."

Anthony McGrath , Manager - Ulster University Mens Freshers

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